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First Tip if Locked Out of Your Vehicle

Do not try to open the vehicle yourself.  As locksmiths, we often experience times when customers try to unlock or open the car door on their own.  The result the customers face are window cracks, scratching the vehicle, or disabling the mechanism, all creating irreversible damages.  

Second, Don't Ask a Stranger for Help

Most people are not licensed locksmiths or certified mechanics.  Most likely they have good intentions of helping you, but you will have the same result as trying to unlock the vehicle yourself.

Third, Don't Break the Window

Unless a life is in danger, you can possibly get hurt and you will end up spending more on a new window.   The best ideas is to call SwiftKey Locksmith, wait about 15 minutes and in no time we will unlock your car for you.  

A lot of times car owners are in a position where they have misplaced their car keys, accidentally left them in the ignition or had jammed the key into the door when in a hurry.  SwiftKey Locksmith can help you if you are in one of these stressful situations.  There is no need to have your vehicle towed, we are a mobile locksmith company that comes to you.  Our technicians have the knowledge and equipment that is required to cut and program new car keys.  Often customers think that it will be very costly to get services done for their vehicle, when really it will cost them 1/3 of what the dealer charges.  There is no other locksmith company in the Charlotte area that is as quick, qualified, or convenient as SwiftKey Locksmith.   

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